Ek Moet Bieg

Ek moet bieg: ek het (soos in “had”, nie “have” nie) half opgegee. Daar anderkant het ek gedink dat ek toe duideliker oor dit als dink, dat ek my kop skoongemaak het van al die oordrywings van my eensame, gedrukte kop. 1٬078 more words


Digest: June 2018

Heat. Exam. Buses. Shorts. Sunshine. Castles. The first six words I can think of to describe my June. It has been very warm here in Glasgow for the vast majority of June. 1٬007 more words


Teachers' Reading for Pleasure 'Book Clubs'

To teach reading and writing effectively and enthusiastically, we must be keen readers and writers ourselves. With this in mind, I was looking for opportunities to develop myself as a reader and, through twitter, I stumbled upon the Open University and UKLA Teachers’ Reading Groups. 209 more words

College World Series: Day Eight Recap

OU Nightly’s Collin Kennedy is in Omaha at the College World Series, where rain delays have wreaked havoc on the tournament:


Righteousness Has Been Murdered, Not Pursued

I’ve never felt the need to pack up and flee the United States. I’ve never felt the need to cross a border illegally. I’ve only once ever been to Canada, but otherwise never been out of the United States, and I’m pretty ok with that. 496 more words