Free Earth from Space poster

This Earth from Space poster based on the BBC programme is freely available to either print or get via post.



Exchange: Packing up!(May 9)

I started packing, I do not know how I ended up with this much stuff. I am crossing my fingers everything will fit. So far I have a suitcase that looks “pregnant”, I will finish packing after the drier is done with my the rest of my clothes. 72 more words


Exchange: week 19 of 20

Wow, I can’t believe 19 weeks have passed and that this is my last week in the US as an exchange student. Also this week was finals week, so there’s that, here are the posts from this week: 36 more words



It has been one of those days today. Who would have thought having a week off last week would make me feel so out of control of my to-do list today?! 18 more words


Exchange: First final done! (April 29)

The morning was super productive, I got to study in the Bizz (library). Also today I had my first final, I did OK. It was online so I got the results right away, which was a bit of a bummer I guess. 87 more words


What it's like to study ~ A105 ~ Voices, Texts and Material Culture at the Open University

This post is about the Open University module “A105 Voices, Texts and Material Culture”. I took this module last year as the recommended second module for my degree course. 781 more words

Noa Summerlock

Exchange: Home is where your loved ones are(April 28)

Today was a good day, not as productive as yesterday but a good day anyway. I spent most of my afternoon and evening in video calls with my friends and my mom. 79 more words