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Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

With the windows open all weekend, I had the chance to catch up with our neighbor cat, Baby Girl. If you read Friday’s post, you may recall that Steve was laughed out of his gang initiation with the Springhill Ballers for wearing what was evidently a not very gang-like outfit. 491 more words


Atheist sues for discrimination rights normally reserved for the religious

Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law is fresh off of the Governor’s signing table and already it faces a counter suit brought by an atheist. Atheist lawsuits have been growing in frequency in America since the  392 more words




As I’m sure you’ll have found by the end of these paragraphs, I’m a bit scattered, so this first blog post is probably going to be all over the place. 733 more words


| you wear sandals in the snow & a smile that won't wash away |

Settling into life in Halifax has been one hell of a culture shock.

Moving from the cultural melting pot of Toronto to the white washed tornado of Halifax has definitely not been easy. 682 more words

UK rights activists asking parliamentary candidates to pledge support for Trans Manifesto

As the May 2015 Westminster General Election approaches in the UK, civil rights activists are reaching out to all parliamentary candidates, asking them to pledge their support for the Trans Manifesto. 597 more words


I'm a Shitty Lesbian

It’s rather embarrassing to admit. But I am a shitty lesbian. I am a shitty lesbian if you believe that being a lesbian only lets you be one type of person. 288 more words