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New book! Crossroads: A Quest For Love

My newest gay romance is now available, both in e-book and paperback!
Crossroads: A Quest For Love. Don’t miss it!

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June Update

I’ve had a difficult time trying to summon the energy to write. I’ve also been thinking about writing more formally, on a website such as Medium, where there is a larger audience of people willing to read my whiny stories of being ratchet, and other things. 111 more words


Transgender Mtv

They are trying to normalize something that is a mental illness. There are two genders, male and female. The fact is that whatever genitalia you are born with determines your gender. 43 more words

Rise: Chapter Thirty-Eight


Julian drummed his fingers across his lap, staring at them. They seemed smaller than he remembered them being before. Could you lose weight in your fingers? 1٬796 more words

Dear Followers

Thank you for liking my post and following my blog. I really appreciate everything. I hope you won’t get tired of reading, and liking my posts. 94 more words


Butterflies in my stomach like elephants

I’m dying. There’s only a few hundred thousand butterflies in my stomach right now. I feel so funny. I feel so nervous. I feel jittery. All because of a girl. 385 more words



So June is coming to a close and I couldn’t let it go without doing a post about the theme of the month, Pride. But in particular, I wanted to take the photo above (yes, that is me, and yes, technically it’s a selfie) and to tell a story about what pride means to me. 1٬237 more words