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Different Worlds

The idea of parallel universes comes up often in philosophy. In most interpretations, these are physical other places that one could travel to. More recently, I have thought that the different tribes and groups that people join become their world. 89 more words

It Would Have Been a Nice Thing

I was heading to the medical center for an appointment. My thoughts were all about seeing the doctor and routine tests to be done. I found myself at the wrong driveway facing the wrong hospital, for this was a complex of hospitals and medical buildings. 135 more words


Live Your Own Story

Friends of mine got engaged last night. She’s a trauma survivor with PTSD, and has struggled to accept that he accepts her. I’m thrilled for them, and reminded of what my life isn’t. 85 more words


Wayapa: how an Indigenous elder would like to change the world

By Nick Place

When Jamie Marloo Thomas goes for a walk, he tends to take a backpack, so he can pick up rubbish along the way. 2٬011 more words


DAY TRIP 03/18/2018

This past Sunday, one of my older sisters, my mother, and I decided to go to an early service for church and then head into the city for the rest of the day! 128 more words


Studying and Pediatrics

Ugh! Midterms are kicking my booty! I have a total of 4 exams this week… YIKES! They are all tough classes as well which makes it all worse. 346 more words


Gear Fire

This latest post brought to you by a random email address I came across in the normal course of my duties. So thanks unto you random stranger! 337 more words