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YWAM 60th 2020, A Time to Die

“We are praying for more fruit, that is our deep desire. But there are conditions for bearing more fruit, and one of them is dying. 1٬474 more words

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A Social Media Management Checklist for Social Media Managers

You are hired to maintain a brand presence on social channels by posting curated, engaging content across social channels. This, in essence, is social media management. 1٬351 more words


Social Media Management Vs. Social Media Marketing

As a marketer, I often notice how many times people use the terms ‘social media management’ and ‘social media marketing’ interchangeably. While they sound very much alike, their functionalities are different from one another, and yet, the success of one depends on the performance of each other. 584 more words

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It's Everywhere!

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to write something but didn’t know what to write or how to find a topic? There can be only two responses to the above question – “Oh yeah! 289 more words

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It's Contagious!

Yes, it’s contagious!

Your mind voice goes like,”Oh yeah, I read the title. I know it’s contagious. But tell me, what is contagious?” If you think only flu like diseases are contagious, you’re wrong! 416 more words

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There is fear of not wanting to hurt anyone. How does it feel to not feel suffocated, too breathe as much as you want to all the extent you want. 598 more words

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