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Musings: Coronavirus and Baseball

I miss baseball. I miss baseball so much that on Friday, when watching a Mets Classics broadcast on SNY, I actually got angry at a lineup that was put out ten years ago by Jerry Manuel. 2٬482 more words


Coronavirus and Wasting Time.

Day 19 of isolation

Is it really isolation when you do it with 7 other people, 3 dogs and a cat? Yes, it is. All of the humans in the house have strict orders to not touch us, ever, and do not speak in our direction unless they are 10 feet away from us. 770 more words


Day 17 - Alone At The Beach

We had a beautiful outing at the beach this afternoon. Within the waves we spotted several pods of sea lions. There was very few people, and the pier was ours alone. 271 more words

Blog Writing

Musicals I don't like that everyone else does

There’s a thing going around Facebook where people are listing the things they don’t like that everyone else does. Some make sense to me – black licorice? 632 more words

Estate vs Business

So, in a recent post, there was a question; would you rather buy a house or a business? In my opinion, I would prefer to purchase a company, which is a business. 156 more words