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The ghosts in all her nightmares
are certain
she’s gone mad …

Not because
she missed all the dance steps
or forgot to study for the test. 63 more words


The Creators

i’m a breeder
bred from a breeder
who was bred from a breeder
who was also bred from a breeder
going all the way back to the first breeder… 199 more words



Missed her, not that
not that they’re close
not like that, remote.

Missed her, not sure
not too sure she’s real
not sure he is who he is.


detached ... but yet not.

ladders and stairs
paths and ways
tread and wear
I strain my eyes
carefully to examine
the face made of porcelain
all the while I am the puppeteer… 116 more words



You bring the joy,

When the night is dark, when the air is still
When the mind is away, out, and not within
When the thoughts race, but they don’t reach… 60 more words

My Posts

Before you depart - A Poem by Nikhat Parbeen

Tell me the things that remind you of me
and I will write them in a poem
and mail it to your new address,
so that you can read it… 33 more words