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How I pick what to write about each day

Every now and then I’ll get asked a question that I sometimes have trouble answering. It’s actually funny to me because I’ve seen a trend in my life that goes right along with the subject matter in Out of the Wilderness…. 350 more words


the bass haiku020

a guardian angel watches over
in an unwavering gaze,
the bass reverberates


Whats a good time for you?

What day and time are you seeing my blog posts? Is there a better time to see them? let me know in the comments.


A Shout-Out to WordPress

Dear readers,

I am not getting paid for this post… and, well, I haven’t gotten paid for the other 323 posts I’ve published on this blog either! 289 more words



When I lay my eyes over you,
a new world of ecstasy and miracles grew up.
Drowsiness of my body and soul withers,
that’s why I call you my love. 16 more words